Founder of Towana's Yoni's & Tings

Towana Nicoe' is the cheif executive officer and founder of Towana's Yoni's & Tings powered by "Makemeova Styles" Towana specializes in empowering people to start their journey towards finanical freedom, by ingniting a fire unique to ones individual passion(s). Along wih selling natural feminine wellness products to thousands of women. Towana's Yoni's & Tings has sold over four thousands yoni pops and three thousand yoni bars. Touching the lives of many around the world. Her knowledge and experitise in marketing, sales, notary services, as well as being a serial entrepreneur has changed her life. Making it possible for her to encourage, educate, and ultimatley assist people with doing the same. Finding their way, and confidence to become their best selves in the most healthly way possible.

During the pandemic, Towana added feminine products to her Barber & Style as an additional revenue stream. With over 15 years of experience of marketing and sales expertise Towana made an executive decision to expand her business and her audience. Her decision impacted the overall success of her business and outreach. Shippng products all over the United States, Paris, Africa, Mexico, Guam and counting. She knows about the importance and value that ones entrpreneurial and health journey holds. Through experience and techniques Towana is a perfect example of what creativity, pasion, experience, and determination resembles.

If you are interested in learning more about Towana, email [email protected]