🍓Towana's "Get Ate UP" 😋Yoni Steam 🍍

$9.99 - $84.98

🍒Just like the name says , get ready!!!💦💦

This Steam is just want the Dr ordered !
If you are experiencing Dryness, and easily aroused then this is the steam for you! 👌🏽

Jammed pack with herbs that are both herbs that are good for your body and your yoni!

Herbs includes Moringa, hibiscus , lemongrass , rose hips and more!!!!

Each herb was selected for their individual roles in making your Yoni ready ( SHEE READY)

Because I know this will be something that will sale out and your Yoni will be begging for more, Im challenging you to share my link with ya sis❗

In a medium-large pot boil water (preferably purified water or Alkaline ).
Place at least a handful of your Yoni mixture into the pot then add 4 cups (more if needed)of water. Please never add Essential oils , adding essential oils will cause burning to your Yoni! Although Essential oils aren’t bad , for your Yoni it is !!
Bring water to a boil for 5 minutes.
Turn of the heat, leave the lid on and steep for another 5 minutes with the lid on.
Make sure to test the water, we don’t need any accidents to your yoni! If it is too hot wait 15 seconds and test it again until it feels comfortably warm to steam with.
Pour 4 cups (half) of water into the bowl you have placed in your toilet.
Place your hand 8-10 inches over the herbal water to make sure it is not too hot.
Remove clothing , place yourself into a towel and make sure no water is escaping!!
Make sure you keep yourself warm, keeping something on your feet (socks, slippers) and neck. You do not want any cold to get into your body while you are trying to warm it.
You should feel a warm, rolling heat for about 10-12 minutes.
When the steam dies down dump the water into the toilet. Starting with step #4 begin the second dosage. If it has cooled too much reheat but test again before sitting over the steam.
If you wish to smudge , do it prior to steaming, smudge the area and steam

Please while steaming release any negative thoughts , feelings or energies!

Do not drink any Alcoholic beverages while steaming,( I STILL DO...& DONT JUDGE ME😫)the purpose of the Steam is to detox your body of any and all toxins!!